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R265 Aluminum Hard Top Frame Crack

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2016 Robalo R265. I was cleaning the boat early this spring when I first noticed these cracks. I have about 400 hours on the boat and mainly run off shore. I've never towed using the frame or did anything that would make these cracks form other then normal use. I added a Garmin 18 inch radar dome but nothing else to hard top. I do plan on adding aluminum side launchers that hold 4 rods each later down the road. 

My in-law is a mechanic and does some fabricating work. He thinks that the design is to blame. Square metal to round creates to much stress where it cracked. He recommends using 1/8 aluminum plate with rivets to make the repair. 

The dealer provided this information: The photo with the blue, red, and green editing was their idea to make the repair. The idea is to install a bracket or plate is mounted on the outside of the frame and then clamped or fastened from the back side. The warranty has expired, however Robalo is providing $500.00 for the repair which is better then nothing. 

I've gone off shore 3 times after finding the cracks. I made sure to slow down more then normal in the rough to prevent more cracking. But to my surprise they did not get any worse. 

Taking the top off would be a big job so I'm leaning towards a bracket of some sort to make the repair. 

I understand that the frame moves and flexes a lot and that is why my in-law recommends using 1/8 aluminum plate. 

Any recommendations would be appreciated, thank you!

Everett, WA

58164348159__05E38192-156C-498A-978B-68AE21571D15 (2).JPG

58164349756__0F69C636-511D-4BDA-955A-09087DC9663F (2).JPG

IMG_0068 (1).jpg

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