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Bob Landry

R200 Side Imaging Transducer

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Where have you guys mounted yours? Keeping in mind that the side imaging function shoots a very thin beam perpendicular to the boat and that anything that interrupts that beam on either side will cause some pretty strange stuff. 

On my Seaark, I mounted it on a holeshot plate on the bottom of the jack plate, but I won't have that option on the r200.

Also, what is the largest display that can be mounted in the center of the R200 console.

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Mine is mounted on right side between trim tabs and motor (SIMRAD Active Imaging transducer). Boat is a R222EX. No issues with image below 10mph. Above 10mph there is a little static on the right side of center in the depth section. The side scan bottom looks fine at any speed.

On the R222EX a 9" screen fit nice. There was a little more room to go bigger. Should be similar on the R200.

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