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R200 Stress Cracks

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Hi Everyone,

I have a used 2015 R200 and just noticed stress cracks on the bottom of the hull next to one of the strakes that sits along the side of one of my trailer bunks. They are very faint and it looks as though someone took a very light pencil and drew little parallel lines along the side of the strake. I have a couple of pictures below. You cant really even feel them when you scrape your nail against the side of them because they are so light. 

My questions are:

Is this something that needs to be addressed? I've heard stress marks in gelcoat are common and usually are no big deal?

If it does not to be addressed, what is the best fix for this?



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Appears to be the normal spider webbing in the gel coat which is basically on all boats. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just keep an eye on it and enjoy the boat 

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It's a cosmetic issue and nothing structural or something that is going to allow water intrusion. It's caused by spraying the mold with gelcoat too thick when the hull is laid up at the factory, which reduces the flexibility of the gelcoat and allows it to spider crack when the hull flexes.

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