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R222 Bait Tank issues.

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I have an R222 Centerconsole (2014), and the bait tank pumps have been running very slow and need to be replaced.  I have had two experts look at the set up, because I want more flow, and going to add an external bait tank to hold more bait.  I am in San Diego and the Blue Fin, Yellowtail are biting, and I need more bait to land fish.  The experts looked at my set up and both recommend we change the way the entire pump system is set up.  The Robalo System that was installed when the boat was built, has two low flow wash down pumps connected into a single system.  A single hose is t-ed off and split into two pumps then reconnected after the pumps back into one line going back to the washdown and the internal bait tank on the boat.  See attached photo.  Does anyone know the reason for this design?  I have been recommended to change this dual pump system to one stronger pump that mounts directly to the the intake on the hull, and has two outlets, one to the bait tank and one to the wash down.  Does this Robalo set up make any sense?  The bait tank water doesn't need to be filtered like it is in this photo....only a the wash down line needs a filter.  

I am leaning towards redoing the system, where the new pump is stronger (more flow) and mounting it directly to the hull as most boats are.  This way the pump will send the water to the bait tank and wash down seperately.  

Does anyone have any ideas or feedback on this system and how to best re-create it?

Bait Tank. Washdown Pump set up R222.jpg

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I have a2018  R222 CC with lean post bait tank, problem is only 15 gal which is way too small, am considering buying a new leaning post with built in 40 gal bait tank. Has anyone done this or any recommendations. Another thought is to gut the existing storage area under seat and make it all bait tank, could probably double the size.  Not keen on throwing an aux tank on the swim step, due to weight balance and access to bait tank, definitely cheaper though. Appreciate any feedback, especially from OG


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