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I just purchased a 2017 Robalo R242 after selling my Robalo R222.  I had a little incident over the weekend while I was fishing, the entire back seat fell apart.  I love the boat and I am hoping that Robalo will be supportive, the only problem is I bought the boat in South Carolina since it was the only used one on the market and I live in Massachusetts and I am worried that the dealer here is not going to help me out.  I already tried to buy 3 boats from them but they never follow up and do not seem to want my business.  What can I do?IMG_0670.thumb.jpg.eb0479c77b527effe82ae483acd56efa.jpg

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Forum member Hanapaa suffered a similar weld failure on the stern seat of his 2017 R302.

This post with photos describes the original failure and this post with photo describes the warranty repair made by his dealer.

Since you're not the original owner -- and you lack a constructive relationship with your local Robalo dealer, your best advocate may be Forum member Joebalo, a Robalo Factory sales manager who has assisted many Robalo owners with their boat issues by serving as a Factory liaison to a local dealer.

I have PM'd Joe, asking him to review this discussion.

Joe's a busy guy, but hopefully, he will weigh in.

Good luck!

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