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Is there any plywood in a R180

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I am considering purchasing a used 2013 R180.  The boat sat in salt water for 6 years.  In reading other forum I hear most boat manufacturer have all sorts of quality issues.  I am now very concerned that a boat in water for 6 years probably had all sorts of water intrusion into the hull that puddled there for months.  This boat only has 80 hours on it.  It was not used much.  If plywood is in the stringers or transom, this boat may be valueless.  If all the structural members are composite, then maybe its ok.   Does anyone know what the foundation of this boat is really made of??


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 I’m not sure how much plywood is in it....perhaps someone can ring in on this ...I understand there is some....I leave mine in 6 months per yr ( fresh water)...and keep the bilge as dry as possible. ...I would be careful and get a “good” surveyor...




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Robalo uses Perma Panel, which is a premium-grade marine plywood that is lifetime warrantied against rot by the product manufacturer.

Perma Panel informational flyer (PDF download), specification sheet (PDF download), and manufacturer's warranty (PDF download).

To address your other hull questions, the following images are from a Robalo publication describing build quality & component specifications...




You can assess what optional equipment the R180 may have using this 2013 Robalo full product line brochure (PDF download).

You can get a look at below-deck structures shown in photos in this 2013 R180 Parts Manual (PDF download).

You may also enjoy reviewing this 2013 R180 Owners Manual (PDF download).

I'm a satisfied owner of a 2013 R180, which we ordered new, supplied on a Karavan single axle aluminum I-beam trailer for which parts are readily available online.

The R180 is a good, heavy, high free board hull that benefits from the extra power of Yamaha 150 and rides better with trim tabs, if so equipped.

As long as the bilge-mounted raw water pump thru-hull fitting and the transom drain plug are leak free, the majority of bilge water should be rainwater thru the stern jump seat compartments and possibly the console drink holders, and possibly deck wash water through the console door threshold and/or the deck plate beneath the leaning post.

It would be useful to pour some water into the bow anchor locker to verify that compartment is sealed and draining only thru the chrome fitting on the starboard side of the bow.

The fishbox beneath the forward casting deck lid drains through the stainless fitting near the waterline on the starboard midship hullside.

It would also be useful to pour some water onto the floor of the main console compartment to verify the drainage from the bow to the center bilge at the stern, since the fore-to-aft drainage path is past the aluminum fuel tank beneath the console and thru drain holes in two separate bulkheads.

Unscrewing the engine splashwell deck plate will provide you a better view into the bilge and a glimpse of the bilge pump and raw water pumps.




The stock raw water pump is good for the livewell, but does poorly with a hose for washdown purposes...


If the R180 has the optional washdown hose fitting at deck level on the port side, it's easy enough to add a supplemental washdown pump that's not too costly.

Feel free to ask any other questions that surface as you proceed in your investigation.

Good luck!

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Maybe pay for a survey? I heard that boat surveyors have a “water meter” that can tell if there’s water intrusion in the fiberglass.

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I am having the motor inspected.  I looked the hull over for cracks.  Banged around a bit.  It seems solid.  I put a deposit on the boat.  Very close to being an owner  

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