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John Mc

forward bilge pump 2005 22.7 DC

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The 2005 R227 Parts Guide (PDF download) describes the forward bilge pump & float switch on page 23, but it does not include any photo of their location.

The 2005 R265 Parts Guide (PDF download) includes a photo of that model's forward bilge pump & float switch on page 22, items 11 & 12.

In each case, Robalo's part numbers indicate a 1000 GPH Johnson Pump with a clip-on Johnson Electro-Magnetic Float Switch, which was formerly molded in red, as shown in images included in this online discussion.

The R227 Parts Guide shows a photo of the center floor ski locker on page 12, which might provide direct access, since it runs forward from the consoles on the hull's centerline.

The R227 Parts Guide also shows several screw-out deck plates, items 10 & 18 in photos on page 16, which might offer forward bilge access, though they are not on the hull's centerline.

And finally, the R227 Parts Guide includes a wiring diagram on page 36 which describes the forward bilge pump wiring as passing through a 3/8" tube.

If you can locate that conduit tube, possibly within the starboard console, and then slide a fish tape forward through it, you may be able to determine the distance to the bilge pump, and/or be able to hear and possibly see the emerging end of the fish tape.

Good luck!

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After spending a few hours trying to access forward bilge pump, I found a small mechanic locally who went in through the ski locker and changed out the bilge pump for a new one. Found that the float switch on original pump had stuck in on position.  

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