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State Registration Numbers

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Finally received our assigned registration numbers from the state.   I am going to order them probably from Boat US.   Any suggestions on a particular font that looks good and/or other vendors would be much appreciated.   Thanks.

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Not sure what state you are in, but Virginia has specific font/size requirements.

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State-by-state requirements guide to boat registration numbers.

We were fortunate that our dealer paid-for & supplied our R180's registration numbers using a nearby graphics supplier.

Our R180 has the roulette red hull sides, so we chose Times New Roman font in white with a gold outline that produced a 3 1/2" height.

I mounted them 1 3/4" below the rub rail molding, with our state's square registration sticker inline with the forward face of the center console and the numbers 6" forward of that.

The weight of the font and color contrast, as well as positioning aft of the fuller flare of the hull, below the rub rail toward the bow, was visually satisfying to us.

I've seen R180 numbers applied more forward & above the rub rail to avoid the bow flare, and they look odd to me.

I've also seen Robalo owners select Eurostyle/Eurostile font for their numbers to mimic the hull side Robalo logo, but for me, readability suffers because the font is so thin at the smaller height.

We purchased our R180's boat name graphic through BoatUS and they did a nice job.

Good luck!

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