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Adding cleats to 2013 R180

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I was wondering if anybody has added cleats mid-ship on their center console.  I contacted Robalo and they didn't want to give any advise I guess for fear of law suit.  I can get to underneath of gunnel through speaker hole and realize I need a nice backing plate to add strength.  I was just wanted to know if anyone attempted this in the past.

Thank you.




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Per this prior discussion with a photo, a few R180-owning Forum members have added them.

I matched the style of the factory installed cleats and through-bolted using fender washers, since they're primarily used with spring lines.

There were lots of prickly strands inside our 2013's hull, so it's best to wear a leather glove on your hand holding the wrench inside the speaker hole.

Positioned where they are on our R180, the top of the cleat does not project beyond face of the rub rail.

Good luck!


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