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R180 Bait Tank

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I put a 30+ gallon bait tank in the R180 a while back and am very happy with the results.  It is a custom “fat oval” cut down to fit under the seat. It has a sealed lid to stop sloshing of water when it is nautical out.  The bait can be accessed by folding the seat back forward. The seat back now folds forward using custom hinges. All of the plumbing is below deck, and I didn’t have to add a hatch.  I would post pictures, but the site is telling me I’ve used up my allotment of space. Is there another way to post pictures once you’ve reached the max? Snuck in this pic.


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To post photos, click on "create" at the top of the page and choose "Gallery Image". After you have posted images, you can insert them into your posts by clicking on "Insert other media" while you edit your post. Choose "inserting existing attachments", and then "Gallery images".

Yes, it's not very obvious at all, but perhaps Robalo doesn't like people uploading too many hot girl photos here :-)

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The simplicity and ingenious development of your fold-down leaning post backrest is deserving of this cropped image to show the tubing cut-lines and the swing radius on the outer hinge plate...



Additionally, I notice from your other Gallery image that you replaced the anemic factory-installed Bait Sentry pump with a Rule 405FC cartridge unit (PDF download) and you're presumably using its pass-thru port to supply an added washdown pump for your R180's washdown hose connector...


Congratulations on one of the most substantial R180 modifications I've seen.

With that said -- and if you've not run out of money -- you might enjoy a couple of other hinged additions; a flip-up foot rest and a fold-down bait table.

It may be the case that we R180 owners who enjoy personalizing our boats spend more time working on them than we do out on the water, as well our considering tow vehicle replacements when our trailer-tow weights climb above 4,500 lbs.

Good luck!

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