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R196 fuel tank

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I have a. 1977 R196 that I  bought new 40 years ago.    It literally is like a member of the family,. You can ask my adult kids as they are already arguing about who gets  when I am gone!   The boat is a true testament to the quality of the boat and good care.    

Had some work done on the motor recently and while trouble shooting a fuel supply issue he discovered about 2 inches of water on top of tank that is foamed in floor.   Also discovered one of the fuel pick ups inside tank was in op.   

I have kept the rig  running for 40 years with the typical things that break after being in salt water.  However having been a boat rigger while going through college I know replacing a foamed in tank is not easy.

So. My question is,   Has anyone done this themselves.   And,. If you have had it done what model and what cost.?

new to forum  but not new to boating!!

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