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Deb Sparky

Question about buying new Robalo

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Hello...We've been looking at the Robalo 200 center console. The price on all of them that we look at, says it includes the trailer. We had a dealer write up a detailed invoice and he added the price of the trailer at the end. He said they have to separate the trailer and the engine for tax purposes. All of you that have bought, was your trailer included in the package price? Still don't get why it's being added.


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On the Robalo web site, the trailer is $0 and -$1700 if removed. I'd look at the Robalo site and do a 'build it' and compare prices. Other than taxes, titling and any fees, you should end up with the 'build it' price.

The dealer could be right about for tax purposes he has to separate out costs, but the final cost to you should be the 'build it' price.

Good luck

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While R200 boat shopping, you may have already seen Robalo-generated No Haggle Real Deal Pricing sheets, comparable to this one from our R180, which include a factory-supplied trailer...



If you're concerned about the dealer overcharging you, and the R200 on the dealer's invoice has already been built, then the dealer should be able to show you the Real Deal Pricing sheet for that specific boat.

As FullThrottle & RickR160 mention, Robalo does provide boats without factory-supplied trailers, which results in an Aluminum Trailer Delete line item & cost reduction under the Options  column on the Real Deal Pricing sheet.

If the R200 on the dealer's invoice was originally a Trailer Delete order which you are purchasing with a dealer-supplied trailer, then it would be appropriate for the trailer cost to be added to the Real Deal Pricing sheet's Price As Shown amount.

If the R200 on the dealer's invoice is a 2019 to-be-built boat order, then as FullThrottle mentions, Robalo's R200 Build website page should provide you reliable package-pricing information.

To confirm the dealer's justification for separately listing individual costs for boat-motor-trailer on the dealer's invoice they've prepared -- which should total to the Real Deal Pricing sheet's Price As Shown amount when Robalo is supplying the trailer -- you could contact your local governmental Title Agency and ask them if this action is required by law.

Good luck in your decision making!

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