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Menhaden Webinar August 31, 2018

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I ran across this at the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries web site. Can't seem to find out anything other than they are having an open webinar on Menhaden. I have sent an email to ask what the purpose of the webinar is. It would be nice if it was to educate Virginia Legislators in fisheries management, but I'm pretty sure they are not educatable beyond counting Omega campaign donations.


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Never mind about the webinar. Just got this response to my email:

The August 31 conference call and webinar is solely for stock assessment purposes. Specifically, the Menhaden Stock Assessment Subcommittee is meeting to discuss indices of relative abundance for the 2019 benchmark stock assessment. No management or policy issues are on the agenda.


An agenda for the conference call will be posted to our website sometime next week.

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