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Trip to Jekyll Island

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We didn't go fishing, but the trip was fun!

Last Saturday we decided to take the R207 up to Jekyll Island for lunch.  While it was a sunny and warm (82 degrees) early April day, the wind was pretty strong out of the southeast at 10-15 kts which kept all but the most determined anglers in port.  But the R207 loves those kind of days, so we put in at Crooked River State Park (GA) and headed north up the ICW.  It was my first time dealing with St. Andrews Sound which lies between Cumberland Island and Jekyll island.  If you Google this area, you will see that it is quite a dangerous body of water littered with shifting shoal areas that have claimed many an unwary mariner.  But we had up-to-date charts and followed the course pretty closely.  Since the 207 only draws 30", we were able to take minor short cuts to the Jekyll river.  But it was interesting as the depth finder would go from 20' to 4' in seconds!  This about 1 hour before absolute low tide.  But we navigated safely to the Jekyll river and arrived at Zachry's Riverhouse.  We found a slip and soon were drinking beers and eating delicious seafood.  After about 2 hours it was time to head back south.  At 3600 rpm we were running 20-21 mph into the wind and about 23-24 mph with the wind.  Is that what y'all are experiencing?

It was a great trip for which the R207 was expressly made.  I still need to try fishing, though!


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I'd say your speeds (if you have a 150) are normal. I can usually trim up the engine a bit with the winds and get 24-26. Into the wind I trim it down, and use trim tabs down a bit too to keep the ride better and my speed is about the same as you had against the wind.

Only been to Jekyll by land and enjoyed it then. Picked up about 20 or more sand dollars on the beach and my daughter uses them for wall decorations. I wondered about the water depth, but it was too cold (January) to go wading out to check.

And, yes, try the R207 for fishing. Caught a lot of fish off mine. I'm sure you'll enjoy the boat.

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I have the same issues. Rarely get above cruising if the family is aboard, but I don't normally go much above that anyway. Only go WOT for a few minutes each trip to make sure the engine is running right. Love the gas economy at cruising speed.

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