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Really disturbing Customer Service moment at Robalo

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I bought my R200 new in July, 2017.  Thrilled.  Love the whole experience of boating.

In September I receive a form letter rom Robalo that says "congrats, welcome to the family, we'd love your feedback...we'll be sending you a survey shortly."  This next part doesn't really matter to me but they offered up a few swag items for completing the survey.

I tacked the note to my bulletin board just as a reminder.

So the note sits there kind of bugging me for a couple of months because I've heard nothing.  I go to the website and complete some form with all my info and information on this note stating "I'd love to give you the feedback you want but you guys need to do something."

I get an automated response from the nearest dealer to my landlocked home that says "Thank you for your inquiry. This is just an auto response to let you know that we have received your request for additional information and one of <retailers name> knowledgeable team members will be responding to you in a timely manner. If you do not receive a response promptly, please click here to contact Robalo directly.'

I wait and get nothing.

The following week I do the same on line inquiry but this time I'm smarter and I use the zip code of the dealer where I bought the boat.  I get he same auto response from the NJ dealer where I bought it.  Nothing.

I wait a week and send another on line inquiry and get the same auto response note directly from someone at Chaparral/Robalo in Nashville.  Nothing.

Like I said, I could give a rip about a free tee shirt but it really bugs me that I've been blown off three times. 

What's up with this Customer Service?  I hate to think what would happen if I had a real issue during the 6 month boating season!!!

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This non-service is getting to be old with Robalo. I fully understand warranty work being a dealer issue, but Robalo has failed more than once when a customer has an issue with the dealer. I really don't understand why they don't stand behind their boats better than they do. I'd think it would be a matter of pride to provide good customer service, but Robalo has made it clear they only see service as a cost and customers a a nuisance if they try calling for help. Your complaint is just another example of poor customer service.

I have to admit, I've been treated well by my dealer(s). Robalo changed local dealers a year after I bought the boat and both have been great.  However, my calls to Robao for information have never been returned. 

I had an Albemarle 28' before the Robalo. It was a good boat for many years, but I had some issues my dealer thought should go to the factory and I called Albemarle to discuss. They have a CUSTOMER SERVICE person and they answered the phone. Got the boat fixed and I know Albemarle stands behind their boats.

I downsized to the Robalo after looking at several other boats and the dual console Robalos seemed to be the best for what my wife and grandkids wanted and that would allow the fishing that I wanted. It's been a great boat and like I said, no complaints about warranty work by my dealers. However, I shudder to think what would happen if I was unsatisfied with how my dealer handled an issue. I know trying to escalate it to the factory would be very difficult if not impossible based on my earlier attempts to get information and from reading on the forum about those with a warranty issue not being solved by their dealer.

I hope everyone that buys Robalo gets a dealer at least a good as mine have been. I wish that Robalo would realize the importance of good customer service and take some of their advertising dollars and move them to the best advertising anyone can have - "excellent customer service". Having customers say that to their friends would probably sell more Robalos than all their other advertising.

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OP here. I’d like to report that I got a phone call from a very nice, very apologetic, very helpful young lady from Robalo Customer Service today. She and her staff explained a communication error between Robalo and the third party survey company. Makes perfect sense now that I’ve talked with her. 

Consider this case closed. And, by the way, they are watching these forums. 

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Neither did I.  I got one from Yamaha, but it was totally irrelevant.  "Why did you pick Yamaha?"  Answer - no choice from dealer, that's what it comes with.

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