Scotty crab pot puller and gimbal mount

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I am thinking of installing a Scotty 2500 Electric Pot Puller for west-coast crabbing (over 200ft deep for dungeness crabs):

But I don't want to drill holes on the gunwale of my R200. Will the gunwale rod holders be strong enough so that I can mount the pot puller using this Scotty Gimbal Mount?


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I replaced the aft rod holders on my R207 with rod/drink holders. I don't think I'd have much concern with the aft holders. I caulked the mid rod holders and they don't appear as strong, but I wouldn't worry too much. I just know they're not as strong.

It may be a pain, but if I was you I'd remove the rod holder you're thinking about using and check it. My aft holder had a very solid marine plywood with multi coats of fiberglass on top and bottom. None of the rod holders were caulked, so I added caulk to screw holes and holder openings (my previous boat had un-caulked screws and the fiberglass sandwiched wood rotted).

I wouldn't have any concerns about using the aft rod holders on the R207 for what you are thinking about, but I'm not sure how other Robalo's are constructed.

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