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Dr. Pat

Boat Trailer

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I have a new Coyote Model 227/222 Aluminum Trailer with a 5 pin flat trailer/truck connector.  My truck has a four pin flat connector.  I understand that I could buy a 5 pin flat connector for my truck to eliminate the necessity of inserting a large pin/bolt in the tongue of the trailer to turn off the surge brakes solenoid.  Does anyone know how to do this? 

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The 5th wire needed for your trailer is the 12V off of the backup lights. If your truck has the 7-pin connector then you can get an adapter to put between the trailer and your truck. If it doesn't, you have two options, either replace the 4-pin with a 5-pin and come off the backup lights for the 5th wire, or pin the coupler on the trailer to disable the surge brakes. 

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