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Hull Scratch

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Go to iboat.com and query robalo gelcoat. Scroll down until you find the shark grey repair kit for $29.40. It is indicated that it is for a 2014, but will probably match yours. I used the arctic white to repair my 2016 R180 gelcoat damage from trailer. The color match was perfect. Tape around the area of damage, then overfill it with the gelcoat. You will then need to sand it flush with increasingly fine sandpaper. As I recall, the kit includes sandpaper starting with 200 grit, increasingly fine to 800 grit. I obtained some 1500 and 2000 grit from amazon to finish. You are essentially polishing it with the fine grades and making the scratch area flush with the surface of the boat. Will take a little time, but should be simple. Kit has instructions. 

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Link to Spectrum Color's Shark Grey gel coat repair kit on iboat.com.

On kpate's past recommendation, I bought and used Spectrum Color's Artic White kit to repair a rock chip near the base of our R180's transom, at the corner of the engine indent.

The mixed paste was surprisingly light and fluffy, like whipped cream, but it did not sag away from the chipped vertical surface before hardening.

Link to "before repair" photo

Link to "after repair" photo

Good luck!

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