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Vinyl issue R300

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Anyone have an issue with the vinyl on their boat getting sticky? I have three places on my boat that the vinyl is different ( tan w/robalo name). These areas are all very sticky. We have faithfully used a vinyl protectant on our boat as suggested and followed manufacturers directions. Just can't understand why those are only places affected and not sure what to do??

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It was reported on a Robalo Owners Group Facebook page in May 2017 that Robalo received a bad batch of vinyl covers that were installed on various 2016 models.which eventually exhibited the surface stickiness you describe.

Dealers with affected customers are to supply the hull ID number and photos of the faulty vinyl to Robalo for replacement covers under warranty.

Contact your dealer and, hopefully, your R300 will qualify for the no-cost replacement vinyl covers.  If it's not a 2016, still contact your dealer and give it a try.

This vinyl issue was mentioned in this earlier discussion thread.

Good luck!

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