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Menhaden Allocation

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Coastal Conservation in North Carolina is asking for help in changing the way menhaden are allocated. All are encouraged to join in this 'fight' to change the allocations on this fish that is in the food chain for several fish including striped bass, red drum, sea trout, bluefish, tuna, and king mackerel. More menhaden left in the water mean more of the fish we'd like to catch.


Please go to this site to email the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) on changing how menhaden are allocated:

Coastal Conservation Association of North Carolina

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The company Omega out of Reedsville, VA fishes for menhaden in Chesapeake Bay (Virginia is the ONLY east coast state allowing menhaden fishing in state waters). Once they clean out the bay (or most of it) they head out to sea and fish the east coast of Virginia. Removing so many menhaden fish from Chesapeake Bay and the mouth of the bay in the Virginia Beach area impacts several species of fish that are dependent on menhaden for food.

As I understand it, states other than Virginia are rich in menhaden and the fish that follow the menhaden. We used to have an excellent fall and winter striper season, but no longer. We still get striper, but nowhere near the numbers we had 10 years ago when Virginia Beach was the place to come for winter fishing. I can't say for sure if the Omega fishing boats are the problem, or the large numbers of humpback whales that are now gobbling up menhaden (and every thing else) by the ton, or something else altogether. I just question why the current allocations don't take hatcheries like the Chesapeake Bay and the rivers feeding it separate from the Atlantic Coast.  Since Virginia Lawmakers have decided not to allow Virginia Marine fisheries to manage menhaden in Virginia, I'm hoping the ASMFC will step in and protect the Bay and the many fish that are dependent on menhaden.

I want my grandchildren to enjoy the type of fishing I've had and worry the over-fishing of menhaden in Chesapeake Bay will keep that from occurring. And, I miss having to break the ice off my reels occasionally while striper fishing.

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