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Please report back on the double-sided foam tape. I have a feeling that it will be trickier than it sounds because if your grab rail studs are like mine, they don't align perfectly with the the drilled holes in the console and will likely cause a tougher time sliding the studs through due to the holes in the washers being smaller than the drilled holes in the console. 

Regarding the plate idea--there would be two plates. One plate would mount permanently to the console using some or all of the grab bar and windshield bolt holes using countersunk flat head hex key bolts--that plate would also have studs permanently attached that would stick up toward the driver. The second plate would have the grab bar and windshield permanently attached to it and would have holes corresponding to the stud locations--likely four of them. Large plastic and brass thumb nuts could be used to fasten the two plates together--the plates could even be powder coated what to match the boat--would look factory.

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On 1/28/2021 at 11:17 AM, John E Taylor said:

Has anybody measured  height on trailer with r180 robalo supplied trailer and fold down windshield and grabrail ?

I am in process of ordering 2021 model






Robalo doesn't show it anymore but they used to--I believe it's 7'-4"

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Thanks has anybody tried Continental A1836B trailer (3,600# capacity) to get fold down windshield trailer height reduced to 78" ?

The tight fender clearance in the  "bboy" garage photos look really tight and appears to be resting on front skid.

Are the fenders cushioned to protect gelcoat ?

Thanks for the pics. I talked to Coyote trailer in Nashville, GA and he mentioned  could only reduce height an inch of so to approx 87" with factory supplied trailer. 










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