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How to catch them Fish

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Hey Guys and Gals,

I am fairly new to fishing at least in Florida, I am on the Treasure Coast. Fishing here in Florida seems a whole lot different then in NY. I fished for Strippers, Blues, Fluke and Flounder up there, My bait was always Clam Bellies, Bunker, Squid, Spearing or Killies depending what I was fishing. How do you catch fish here in FL? I usually use shrimp (frozen and live), squid , and sometimes whatever I get in a cast net.

My problem is we never seem to catch anything worth the bait used. I enjoy my time out there and all but I do need some serious help in how its done here. I am a surfcaster but recently purchased a 2016 R207 so boat fishing is kind of new as well, even though i did alot of that in NY to. Any advise is great! By the way i just want to mention I use medium action and medium heavy rods 6.5' and 7' with 20 pound mono with an assortment of circle hooks from 1 o up to 6 o .

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Youtube is your friend.

Addictive Fishing, Blacktip HD, Into the Blue, Saltwater Sportsmen, etc.

I go to the Keys every year and I have learned live bait and light tackle is king unlike here in NE where you can get away with bigger stuff. Fluorocarbon leaders and smaller hooks.

I would go with a guide once and learn what he does and go from there and look at the forums on Florida Sportsmen for tips and where the action is hot.

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