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R222 - New Robalo - Windlass??

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Hello all. I am eagerly waiting for my new R222 to be prep'ed. Should be ready within a few days. Working with the folks at Angler's Marine in Supply, NC and they are very easy to work with.

Does anyone have a any advice on whether or not to add a windlass? I think it would be very convenient but have never had a boat with one.


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I had one on my 28' boat, but not on my 21' Robalo. It's not much of a problem to handle the anchor, but since I often end up anchored in 50-75' water I found that a good pair of gloves make the job easier.

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I was looking at this setup done by a Robalo dealer in Australia, "photo attached" but then I found out I can and am mounting a trolling motor with gps lock on the bow.  I prefer the trolling motor since I fish artificial reefs and jetties and risk losing my anchor.  I recently fished the jetties in Port O'Connor and anchored but not to close to minimize the chances of hanging my anchor and not being able to retrieve it.  "This has happened to me twice".  The next day I fished with a guide who had the spot lock trolling motor and we were within 5 feet of the jetties and caught our limit of sheepshead.  We didn't do that well while anchored, didn't risk getting that close.  This is a link to a trolling motor option https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/902463-2017-robalo-r222-trolling-motor-install-pics.html

Lewmar V700.jpg

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I was on the windlass wish list too, until I experienced my buddys spot lock gps trolling motor on his new 22' CC. Thats when I realized how dynamic and far more useful the motor is over the windlass. While it never replaces an anchor, it does a hell of a job of making the windlass seem like a phone booth.

I recently installed the 36 volt Ulterra with 72" shaft on a 2018 R222 just like the one in the thread.  I'm so thankful that guy mapped out the project, really helped my confidence and knowledge to self install saving about $1300 in labor. I used that savings for 3 lithium batteries, I just couldnt accept all that unecessary battery weight in the boat. 

Project came out nice, I removed bow nav light just like thread example so need to install Taco rub rail lights to finish project.



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