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Fishfinder recommendations

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I just ordered an R200 and am looking for recommendations on a decent Fishfinder. I'm a recreational fishermen so I don't need something used on Wicked Tuna! LOL

Thanks and inputs are appreciated.

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Last year I had a Garmin on one of my boats and a Lowrance Chirp on the Robalo. The Robalo now has a Raymarine A78. I chose the Raymarine due to two things:1) Compatibility with my AutoPilot. 2) Best sonar for < 600 feet and excellent DownView according to several reviews I read.

No complaints about the capabilities of the Garmin (it worked fine up to about 1600') and the Lowrance once adjusted correctly did good on the sonar and excellent on the map. Since most of my fishing is 300' or less, the improved sonar of the Raymarine makes sense for me. I've only had it a few weeks, so I can't tell you about how it does long term, but so far I like it and it didn't require the adjusting the Lowrance did. However, once I had the Lowrance adjusted it did fine and the bright display was good for sunny days. Raymarine and Garmin are bright too, but I think the Lowrance is a bit brighter.

So, I guess I'd recommend any of the 3 I have experience with but my preference the Raymarine. It also has the capability to display Radar, FLIR, weather, etc. as well as manage the Raymarine autopilot.

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I installed a Raymarine a78 after research and the capabilities to install radar was the biggest for me when I can afford an array. The CP-100 transponder works great and the unit came with Navionics+ so a year of upgrades for free. Deepest I go in Long Island Sound is 200' so I do not have the same insight as FullThrottle but for my use it worked great, the Down-Vue is incredible if you never had it.

The Raymarine forum is very helpful as well when you have questions.

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I ended up with a Lowrance Hook 7 as my second.  Actually having the dealership install and am taking delivery next Friday!  I'm ready, oh so ready....

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