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Here is the process.

Step 1. Set yourself up with an account at www.photobucket.com. You should open this webpage up in a separate browser window or browser tab.

Step 2. Upload your photos there that you will want to insert into a posting here on this forum. You can select one or many to upload.

Step 3. Select the picture or image that you will want to insert into this forum from photobucket.com using the string in the Direct Link box. Just copy it by highlighting it and pressing [CTRL] C on your keyboard

Step 4. Return to the browser window or tab with this forum in it and the post that you are creating. See the image below (inserted from photobucket) If you hover your mouse over the buttons in this forum, they will pop-up text telling you what they are. You might have to wait almost one second to see the flyover text.insert_image_instructions.jpg

Step 4. Click the button as described in the image above.

Step 5. Paste the link (press [CTRL] K) you copied in step 3 into the new window (see image below) that is on your screen and press OK.


Step 6. The image you just inserted will now be showing in the forum reply window.

Step 7. Repeat for additional photos or images. You know, wash, rinse, repeat smile.gif

That's it.

Hope this helps.

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I signed up for photobucket but I cannot upload any pictures using your instructions detailed above. I click on the link, it says copied, I go back to my "post" window, click on "Image", the window pops up, I hit "Ctrl K" and nothing happens. The window asking for the URL goes away and takes me back to a blank "Post Reply" window with no picture.


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When you choose the photo from photobucket on the right you have four options, use the "Direct" When you right click it you will see a "Copied" flag come up.

Hit the image button as the first post shows and paste the link to that by right clicking and selecting paste. Like this.....

good luck,



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To fully remove your attached image, login to the Forum and select the discussion thread where your post with photo exists. 

Choose the "Edit" link at the bottom left corner of your post, and click into the resulting live post.

Position your cursor adjacent to the photo and delete the image, then click on the "Save" button to update your edited post.

However, rather than devaluing your post by eliminating your photo, consider resizing your original-sized images proportionally to 640 x 480.

Resizing this previous image from its original 2102 x 1902 pixel resolution down to 530 x 480 pixels changes its digital storage size from 360 kilobytes down to 36 kilobytes.

Also, you can create an Album from within your Forum Profile for your images and/or post them in the forum's Gallery and then insert your image into a post using the unique Album/Gallery URL for that image, or, use a third-party image hosting site in the same way to insert the image's URL into a post.

I personally use started using Yahoo's Flickr, which hosts images and allows image linking to forum posts.

I previously used Photobucket, but their policy changed and they limit image linking, which is why Photobucket's logo is imposed as a watermark on the above-posted images.

Good luck!

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