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Am i understanding this correctly? A Robalo dealer has to make the appointment for someone to take a factory tour? Hopefully a deposit on a new boat isn't required first. 

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We took the tour 22 months ago.  Note that the factory isn't really setup for tours.  Driven between buildings in a golfcart, we focused on the larger boats as we had planned on buying a 22 foot.  Ultimately bought at 16 foot because of small boathouse issue, and didn't tour that setup.  

What you see is a very manually intensive operation.  Fiberglass building was strong with fumes, workers were standing in molds laying down fiberglass mats and spraying.  No one wore a ventilator, which we found surprising.  Saw boats in various stages of completion, moving through the plants, and then being put into a water tank for run up and leak testing.  

It was neat, took well under an hour.  We did it enroute from Florida to Michigan, so it was only an hour or so roundtrip out of the way as I recall.

We ordered our boat AFTER the tour.

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