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R207 kicker installation - has anyone seen one?

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Good Day, I am working with my dealership around installation of a kicker to a 2022 r207. It seems that there is no way to utilize the cockpit steering wheel to control the kicker. Main motor is a Yamaha f150xb. Bars will not fit, as they rub the body. The steering cable kit requires 14inch clearance I am told and will not fit. I have searched, but nothing has turned up. I called Robalo, they were of no help. Anyone ever see one? 


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I'm not sure of your configuration (mostly what you're using to attach the kicker), but when I was planning a kicker before I sold my R207 the mounts I was considering were to insure the motor cleared the trim tabs. By moving the engine so far aft it appeared it would be easy to use a bar between the engines when using the kicker. I had an autopilot and wanted the kicker to utilize the main engine steering so I wouldn't have to steer while trolling.

Perhaps a different mounting bracket would solve your problem?

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I looked into that and the AP for the kicker looked fine, but add $$$s. Since I already had an AP for the main, I was planning to use that. Don't think I can help, but it should be possible to solve: https://www.usedvictoria.com/power-boats/33542378/photos?i=1

Of course in the pictures it doesn't explain the steering, but obviously he was able to get the kicker working for him.

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