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Robalos in stock

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Hey all - I know it's been a struggle to find and/or order boats for a long time.  (our R202 EX is finally in production as of yesterday!)  Just thought I'd pass along in case anyone is looking or knows someone who is, our dealer here in Upstate NY just rec'd 2 boats not yet  purchased.  They have a 2022 R200 & a 2022 R242.  They have 2 more on order:  2022 R222 EX & a 2022 R230. Again, neither spoken for yet according to their website.  Just thought I'd put it out there in case it helps anyone....beyond excited to see our build finally moving out of pre-prod!

Marina is:  

Krenzer Marine, Sodus Point NY   (315) 483-6986

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Hello River Rat 12, 

I'm curious as to how long you had to wait to get out of the pre-production mode. I have just ordered a new 2022 246 Cayman the first week of October2021. I was given a number like yourself, but no one said how long it would be till I saw it go into production.  I live in Florida, and fish about 5 days a week. I just sold my boat in order to make way for the new one, and anxious to get back out on the water. Good luck with your new boat. Hope you have many great years with it.



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