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Warranty Repair Problem

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I bought a 2021 R242 in Jacksonville. I moved to Ft Pierce and need some warranty work done on the boat. The dealer in Vero Beach told me that they wouldn't do the warranty work because I did not buy the boat from them. They said if they did it would be 6 to 8 months because their regulars would come ahead of me. I love my 242 but if this is what I can expect it will be my last Robalo when it comes time to replace it. 

I think corporate needs to step in on this one and set them straight. It isn't my fault that I had to move and did not buy my boat from them but I will be damned if I will spend a penny with them.

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Cars are totally different on how warranty work is done and paid for.  It would be great if boat dealers worked on warranty like car dealers do, but it isn't that way. I hope Robalo will step in and help, but I really doubt it will happen.

My current boat is not a Robalo and when I met with the local dealer he told me that if I bought a boat anywhere other than him, I would not get warranty service. I took my chances and bought out-of-state at a considerable savings over his non-negotiable 'best' deal. My out-of-state dealer agreed that he would provide parts and ship them to me if I needed them and I only had two shipped to me during the warranty period.

I wish you luck. Let us know how it turns out.

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Sorry you are wrong. Warranty work is A factory matter. The labor and parts are billed to the factory. Boats are no different !! Some purchases are tens of thousands if not millions of dollars. You guy's are getting the dealer run around because they did not profit from your sale but it is A factory matter. A dealership is An agreement between the factory and the dealer not A right.

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I could point you to many boating forums for this subject, but this makes it fairly simple: I think boat manufacturers need dealers more than car manufacturers do, and so the manufacturer is reluctant to try and 'make' the dealer do anything. Warranty work is no profit for the dealer. Selling a boat is profit. When customers stack up for work (and they are usually overbooked) warranty will be handled first for boats they sold. They'll tell others whatever story works to keep from working on a non profit boat.

Do some searches and you'll find that most boat manufacturers have the same kind of comments you find here concerning warranty work on boats purchased elsewhere.  (one example https://www.themalibucrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/21368-dealer-refuses-warranty-work/& )  Cars are different altogether. Multiple dealers per city for cars. My state has only 1 dealer for my current boat. Cars have nice things like lemon laws. Boats, nothing. 

I really hope you're right, but my personal experience and research doesn't lead in that direction. It would be nice.

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I did the same as Full Throttle and purchased my R180 from a remote Dealer. My local Dealer had no Inventory and could only order my Boat with a substantial Profit for him (some of it Dishonestly) and a long wait for me (at least 9 Months).

When I told the local Dealer I was purchasing elsewhere, He became very Mad and used every Threat and Fear speak he could conjure up.

Of course, this included the Warranty work refusal for my Boat.

I moved on and made my purchase at a Dealer who had the Boat I wanted at the Factory price including options.

As regards to whether this is a Dealer or Manufacturer problem, I offer the following.

1st, Warranty work that a dealer performs get reimbursed by the factory at the factory set rate for labor. Mind you that this rate is Substantially lower than the rate the dealer normally charges. So, the dealer is in his mind is taking a loss for any warranty work he does (especially when he has other work, he could be doing at his normal jacked up rate out of warranty).

I believe that the Dealer can still jack up the parts cost in the repair if any are needed.

2nd, if the Manufacturer would work with the dealers to come up with an acceptable rate they would pay for the warranty work, then I believe a lot of dealers would be more inclined to work on boats not purchased at their store.

Mind you there is no free lunch here because now the manufacturer would increase the money, they include in the boat price (trust me some bean counter at Robalo has a formula to determine what this additional money exactly is by Model) to help offset their additional warranty costs now being paid to dealer.

Most Manufacturers compete on selling price of their boats and really do not want to build any additional costs that are hard to explain to a potential buyer. So, I do not see this changing.

So, if I am close to correct in my above discussion, then I believe that when you consider purchasing a new Boat knowing that the Warranty situation is what it is and balance the lack of convenient warranty service against other things like purchase price, availability of boat (in stock vs order and wait), dealer to dealer comparisons, etc.

Best of Luck to all, I love my R180.





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