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Robalo owners and those considering, please read

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I have a 2018 Robalo Cayman 226 bought new, I've put 200 hours on it. Have been generally pleased with the boat until about 4 months ago when I noticed while running in a light chop that the entire console/t-top(fiberglass hardtop) complex began flexing from the deck. I came off plane to investigate, grabbed the uprights to the t-top and tugged. The entire structure, console included, easily flexes back and forth 2 inches. It has come loose from below deck, I assume from its attachment to the stringers below deck. An obvious major defect and a dangerous one at that. I'm 63 with arthritis everywhere, I don't go banging around in my boat, regardless this should never happen. I contacted the dealer I bought it from who informed me that he has dropped Robalo but he would put me in contact with someone. The regional sales manager from Robalo called me and I explained the issue. He asked that I send him a video which I did, he got back to me and said the boat would have to come back to the factory, that they would contact me. Didn't hear from anybody for 3 weeks, so after several phone calls to the regional sales manager I first contacted, I get a call from the ISO coordinator(quality control, I think). He says the boat would go on a truck delivering boats down here (Vero Beach, FL) back to Robalo (Nashville, GA). I ask how long for the truck and how long for the repair. He said he didn't know on the truck and 6-8 weeks on the repair. I relayed my dissatisfaction on the timetable, this is a factory defect, boat is under warranty, and should be made a priority. Not the way they work, he said. I asked if could make a future repair appointment and bring the boat up myself to expedite and not have the boat sit unused, not the way they work, he said. Long story short, 6 weeks later the boat goes on a truck to factory. They've had it now for 8 weeks. I emailed at 2-4-6 weeks asking for status, It takes a week to 10 days for any reply. 12 days ago I finally hear back that boat should be finished the END OF NOVEMBER, that's 4 months that they will have it and 6 months since I first notified them of THEIR defect. The repair probably takes a day or 2, so the boat is sitting there (outside) for 4 months. They obviously already have my money and taking someone off new boat builds to fix a defective one, is not something they're willing to do. They still have the boat and haven't done anything to it so my telling of this story is risky but I can't just sit here and not let people know of the way Robalo backs its product and treats its customers. I will post any changes to this story (positive or negative) as time goes on. Welcome your feedback.

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I wish you good luck. I had a similar issue previously with a different manufacturer and they required I pay for the shipping (not part of the warranty). So, I guess in some ways it's not too bad a deal. My current boat (again, not Robalo) has a drain problem and their customer service will repair if I bring the boat to their factory over 800 miles away.

I feel your pain, but for me the $2k or likely more in shipping makes your deal look pretty good. I fully agree that Robalo needs to improve their communications. I have no complaints about the warranty work I had on my Robalo, but it was all handled by my dealer(s). Robalo changed dealers while I owned the boat. Both were great.

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I understand your frustrations, I went through with Carolina skiff, they ended up building me a new 2015 to replace my 2013 198 which was a piece of crap. And then I bought my 226 Robalo and had to replace the seat because of bad run of material in the 2017 boats. They replaced some under warranty and some of us had to pay for our seats, then they tried to charge an extra 550 dollars for installation. So I know about there loyalty to its customers. Good lucksir

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