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R180 and 206 Cayman not in production ?

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I contacted 2 major dealerships in the Tampa -St. Pete area regarding 2022 model availability. I was told neither model is being produced that year due to shortages. Manufacturer want to use available material to produce high ticket models. Sorry I am not financially well off to spend 90K+ on a boat. I inquired about the R200 and was told they were sold out of 2022 models. Sooner than later this bubble is going to break. I guess I will have to wait till 2023 when gas is $10/ gallon at the marinas. I bet the show rooms will be well stocked. Please don't get me wrong, I am not blaming Robalo. It is like this with RV's and other rich boy toys. I hope an answer to this comes soon. I want to order a new Robalo to use in the not too distant future. Does anyone have contradicting info? Please tell me I am wrong and these dealers are misinformed. I do not want to pay $25k+ for a 2002 used boat with a motor that has 800 hrs on it.

Your thoughts please.

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I can’t speak for the 2022’s but I purchased a 2021 r180 towards the end of March with the understanding it should arrive at the dealership the 3rd week of July. However, between contacting the dealership and reading posts on this forum, I have come to learn my completion date is “scheduled” for July 30th with delivery of “who knows when.” Also have been reading about people getting their boat delivered without the engine(specifically Yamaha). Hang in there. At least you can take comfort in  knowing that you didn’t put a bunch of money down to look at an empty boat slip like I did. I live in CT so the end of the season for me is late September (usually. Best of luck!

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