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My 2021 Robalo 202 Explorer was supposed to go on the assembly line April 29, 2021 and arrive at the dealership on/about May 3, 2021. Despite repeated delivery revisions during May and June from Dealers Choice Marine in Orlando, FL, and updates from a Robalo representative, today (June 28, 2021) I was advised by Robalo that information provided to Robalo AND the dealership by Yamaha can be inaccurate and unreliable. After multiple follow ups with Robalo and my dealership throughout May and June, today, I was advised of a new, SHIPPING DATE of July 19 for my outboard. Who knows when it will actually be shipped?  Transit time could take the dealership delivery date to July 26 or thereabouts AND THEN the outboard and hydraulics still must be installed by dealership personnel and how long might that process take?  I contracted and provided a sizable deposit to the dealership on March 27!!!  At this point I have NO CONFIDENCE in information provided to me regarding a probable delivery-date. My advice…whatever projected delivery date is provided to you…ADD 3 or 4 MONTHS.  From my perspective, Robalo, Yamaha, and the dealership has done a very poor job of communicating significant delays to potential/actual customers.

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July 19, 2021     Received text message from dealership sales rep that stated they received the MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin) for my Yamaha 150.  This typically indicates that the outboard should arrive within the next day or two.  I am hopeful that this prolonged, months-long process will be completed within the next 7 calendar days.  I will post updates to this forum as they occur.  Signed my Purchase Agreement on March 27, 2021 and the original expected completion date/delivery date was first week of May.

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