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R180 Tilt Support Lever on Yamaha Engine

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Was watching a video recently and the fellow presenting mentioned. Do not use the power trim support lever to hold the engine in the up position while trailering. The previous Owner did it and I have as well.

I looked in Yamaha owners manual and it agrees with the video. "If the engine needs to be Up to trailer, use an additional support device to hold it there. What "other" support device can be used or is the Trim Up function enough to hold without the lever?

Tx. Grif

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Yamaha sells their Engine Tilt Trailering Support, which is a polymer cylinder...


...that slips over one of the trim ram shafts and positively supports the outboard when trailering...


Raveling Outdoors manufactures Yamaha's trailering support, and Raveling sells an identical unit, which they brand as the "M-yWedge" motor support.

Raveling also sells Centering Blocks, slotted rubber rectangular blocks that slip over the hydraulic steering shafts and prevent the outboard from swinging side-to-side...


When trailering our 2013 R180, we use a M-yWedge motor support and a pair of Raveling Centering Clips to keep our Yamaha F150 safe & secure.

Good luck!

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