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Dealer service- 100hr service expectations

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HI All-


We are new to the family with a 2020 R230.   What should 100hr service expectation be?  I feel the dealer is being dishonest and pushing extra on us.  Oil change, impeller and thermostat for $1100 sound legit to anyone?

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The marina that did my 100 hr checkup is an authorized Yamaha dealer / service center and they did exactly what was recommended, nothing extra and the price was very reasonable. I was happy :)

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Because I was at a Boatel that only allowed dealer service, I took my boat to another shop and  paid much less for 100 hour maintenance and the price was no where near what you were quoted. The impeller and thermostat don't get changed in the first 100 hours. Try and find an honest shop. Call around. There were 3 or 4 other Yamaha certified shops in my area. I found one that gave me a good price and reasonable times (dropped off at night, picked up the next afternoon).

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