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Questions from a newbie

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Hi All!

We are first time boat owners- bought an R230 in July 2020.  Have a few questions about service.   We are not happy with the dealership where we bought the boat.  Poor customer service, lots of excuses etc.....no need to go into details but here is my ask:   Does it matter where we get our 100hr service?  Is any authorized Yamaha repair shop ok to keep the warranty in place or are we forced to use dealer we bought from?  They are telling me that we need to change impeller and thermostat for 100hr to the tune of $1100........

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I noticed no one responded, but I have two Yamaha products (Wave Runner & Viking) and my experience is do what the OEM (Book) states and not the dealer. We follow the same advice with our Toyota Avalon. I am sure there are examples that would exceed the OEM service requirements and sometimes the OEM is overkill. 


But not matter what the $1,100.00 service is crazy!

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Any licensed Yamaha dealer is authorized to perform the service. You can do online or contact Yamaha to verify if a shop is authorized to perform the service. Also, tell Yamaha about your dissatisfaction with the dealer. Dealers are required to achieve/maintain customer satisfaction standards. 

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