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Anyone have a 2021 R200? Wondering if you have had any quality control problems

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On 2/6/2021 at 10:36 PM, RonSr1980 said:

I have a 2021 R200 and other than the Throttle Assmbly clips at the motor coming off (seems to be a common issue) and having to zip tie them, I have had zero issues. Wondering what others have experienced with boats built during this Covid craziness


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On my 2021 202EX…

The anchor locker hatch, the starboard fish locker hatch, the swim ladder cover and the T-top electronics box doors were all binding and/or not latching properly. I adjusted the hinges on all four and remounted the fish locker latch.

I found an assortment of about twenty-five screws, nuts and washers laying on the ledge behind the console rigging cover in the head. Just weird.   

I found several screws (very) loose on the aft ground terminal strip. The +12V power lead terminal screw on the electronics fuse panel was also loose. I went through and checked every electrical terminal screw both aft and in the head compartment. Several needed to be tightened.

The windshield frame is mounted crooked. 

It seems that these types of issues should have been easily spotted/corrected by a quality inspector on the manufacturing line or even by the dealer prior to delivery. 

These were all minor, easily correctable issues. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the workmanship and quality of materials used on both the boat and the Coyote trailer.


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Years ago I ran an army project that kept having QC issues. Since a failure required putting someone on a plane to resolve, it got expensive fast. So, I created a checklist that had to be signed. The very next site we built had a failure and I fired the QC guy who signed off on it. Never had another QC issue.

My guess is QC either doesn't exist or there are no repercussions for failures. Some failures are forgivable (a bit of trash in bilge for instance), but other things need to be caught in QC before the boat goes out the door.

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I agree that there should be better QC at the factory, but the dealers are also paid a prep fee to make the boat ready for delivery. I know in my case they went through every moving and electrical part. Wondering what is going on with a dealer that allows all these easily fixed items go through.

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I took delivery of a new 2021 R200 in April. The dealer delivered to my slip as I did not want a trailer. After a few months I noticed a large patch in the
middle of the starboard side that showed clear evidence of buffing. Further examination revealed 5 buffed patches along the port side. Also found a few small hard white blobs under one of those spots that looked like gelcoat. At this point I know there's nothing I can do but live with it. Check your boat carefully on delivery. Also found battery terminals only hand tight, screws and other bits floating around the compartments and some nasty scratches on the windshield. I did catch the windshield at delivery so that was handled under warranty but when the dealer, who is on the waterfront, told me I had to pay over $400.00  fee to service a boat without a trailer I told them they could keep the windshield.

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Some owners of new boats are paying for a boat surveyor to inspect the boat before they take delivery due to these kinds of ongoing issues with some manufacturers. If the windshield issue was mine, I'd do the replacement myself. 

My first Robalo dealer (they changed while I owned the boat) would charge $150 if I brought the boat to a public ramp so they could pick it up and drop it back in the water there. My second dealer charged me $75 to lift it out of the water and put it back while they did some warranty service. Only issue was it was a 5 hour trip to the second dealer by boat. $400 may be steep, but I guess it also depends on how far they have to take it.

My current 'boatel' marina allows registered mechanics to work on site. Turns out this means I can get the boat serviced for less than at the dealer. And, if I want my dealer is registered to service the boat at the marina too. Really nice to be able to do my own maintenance and be able to bring someone out for work I don't want, or don't have the tools to do.

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