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R200 Battery Switch Settings

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OK, I know this has been beat to death but...       We all have friends who give opinions so, what is the correct running position for the battery switch? My buddy says I need a battery combiner otherwise both batteries do not charge. PLEASE, what is correct? He told me everything I need, he loved spending my money. LOL

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The 2021 R200 has an ACR (Automatic Charging Relay) on board. You can see it just to the right of the battery switch. The ACR will automatically switch charging current between the two batteries as required - as long as the battery selector is the battery “1” position.

- If the battery selector is in position “1” both batteries will be charged.

- If the battery selector is in position “2” only battery 2 will be charged.

The Robalo manual recommends that the battery “1” position be used when starting or running the engine. The manual also recommends that the battery “2” position be used when the engine is off and you want to use the radio or other boat electronics. The manual implies that the “1+2” position should not be used.

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My R222EX is equipped with a BEP Digital Voltage Sensing Relay. It will switch charging to the second battery when the selected battery is full. This works both if Battery 1 or Battery 2 is selected. After two seasons both batteries were equally charged. Previous wisdom said put switch on both so both batteries can be charged. That is no longer needed. The onboard battery charger can also show each batteries charge level at any time 

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