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R180 Leaning Post Tackle Storage

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My 2021 R180 is scheduled for delivery at the end of January.  Recently, I have been thinking of tackle storage options.  I plan on using Sterilite 1644 containers under the rear jump seats for extra misc. storage, but would prefer something more specific and functional for tackle.  I found the following box on Boat Outfitters that looks very promising as I think the available space under the leaning post is the most desirable location (don't want to cut into center console or body sidewalls) - I plan on waiting until the boat arrives to verify dimensions - unless someone here has already made this modification and has a proven solution.  Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions.



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I don't have answers specific to a 180, however depending on your own 'woodworking' experience you might find it considerably less expensive and more exacting to your specifications if you make your own. I've done both tackle box slide-ins and bait stations to meet my own needs and it is cheaper and more to what I'd like.

If that's not your skill I do recommend boatoutfitters. They provide good quality setups at reasonable prices. Just be sure the box will fit.

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