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Winterize 2017 R180

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Winterize R 180

Does anyone know if the inlet for the raw water wash down is shared with the baitwell?  If I pump antifreeze into the inlet with the boat pump will it share the antifreeze with both systems? 

Does anyone have a good procedure for winterizing the Bilge?

Thanks Grif 10-26-20

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My R222EX uses the same inlet to both the livewell and the raw water washdown.

  1. I used an adapter to run fresh water through both systems then a 25' hose and funnel to fill the inlet line with antifreeze. Holding then funnel end of the hose above the livewell height.
  2. With the livewell open and a hose with nozzle on the raw water (closed) I started the pumps. I let the antifreeze flow through the  livewell until it was clear it was all antifreeze,.
  3. Closed off the livewell and then I squirted the raw water washdown into the livewell until it showed all antifreeze.

I had to fill the funnel twice with antifreeze  to make sure I didn't run dry. It took a half gallon of antifreeze to complete.

I then removed and cleaned the raw water strainer and filled with antifreeze before reinstalling. I use a little oil on the gasket to make sure it did not bind.

The adapter looks like a plunger with a hose connection. It worked great.

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I pour antifreeze  into bilge and all the storage compartments even if they empty overboard. Also pour down rod and cup holders. I do this after I cover the boat. Then place 4 Dam- rid 10.5 oz tubs in head, bilge and on deck.

Cover is a Carver sunbrella material cover.

I remove all cushions I can and store in the house. I have console, helm and back seat canvas covers I leav on under main cover.

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Hi Grif, I use a pump up canaster filled with the pink antifreeze and squirt it into the inlet for the live well and raw water washdown, my wife throws the switch on the console. Once pink comes into the live well, I switch to raw water and do it again.  My bilge  I shop vac any water still laying in there, (I can't raise the bow up enough to fully drain the water through the drainage hole) then I shoot some of the pink antifreeze into the bilge and run it for a short amount of time.  This is done just before putting the winter cover on.


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Hey Jersey Shore. Wanted to say thanks again for outlining the Raw Water Winterization steps. I completed the work over the weekend. I made one variation that worked well for me. Instead of using the plunger tool to introduce antifreeze into the raw water inlet I used a cheap garden hose repair kit. I cleaned up the intake with a few plumbers wire brushes. I took the female end of the plastic repair kit and caulked it into the inlet. It fit nice with only a little silicone caulk. Once set. I then connected a short hose and introduced the antifreeze just as you said.. Went great. No spills. 


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The only part of my winter shutdown that fell short was running antifreeze thru the bilge pump. I poured some antif directly into the well at the stern ....hit the switch on the console but got no discharge even though I could hear the pump run. I let it go thinking that it must take quite a bit more liquid to satisfy the pump.  I may try again if we get the weather. Tx Grif

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Hi Grif,

As I mentioned above, I use a gallon and half tank that I used to use for garden spray.  I open the round compartment by the motor and spray directly at the sump part of the bilge pump while my wife throws the switch.  Very little comes out but enough to know it did the trick.  

Jersey Shore, I tried doing it down through the discharge last year, and next season the pump didn't work.  After taking it apart I found a shaving of fiberglass that must have been in the discharge and became dislodged and went down into the pump.  Easy fix but I stopped doing it from the top.

The pump I use I carry with fresh water when I launch and retreve the boat in the spring and fall to spray the wheels and brakes.

4 more months to go before launch.

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