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2020 Robalo R302 Overboard discharge " Y " valve location

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I tried this topic in the newbie section and got no replies so trying here. I recently purchased a very slightly used 2020 R302 from a private seller who had to sell due to job loss. Since it was a private seller I had no dealer overview to go over the boat with me. I'm pretty handy and it's my second boat but can't seem to find the supposed " Y " valve for overboard discharge of holding tank. I occasionally fish 10-15 miles offshore ( well past the 3 mile limit required ) and would like to discharge overboard. I also need to run the macerator when winterizing to get the antifreeze from the holding tank to the pump and need to do that on one of my last runs out. The head compartment has a key to start the macerator pump which works when turned on, but at the stern of the boat where the pumpout drain is located is a sticker that says " Before operating overboard discharge switch be sure " Y " valve is open. Be sure to secure " Y " valve in closed position when not in use." I went through the entire bilge and traced the waste hoses from the holding tank, found a white PVC " Y "  connection but not a valve, it just splits the hoses so one goes to macerator pump and the other goes to manual pumpout connection at stern. Does anyone know where the "  Y " valve is? The only valve I found was a thru hull valve at lowest position in bilge and I'm pretty sure this is the discharge valve from the way i traced the lines so I'm thinking there is no " Y " valve and instead maybe just a backflow preventer? It is a system that when flushing vacuums the tank empty and is filled with fresh water. 

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I believe there has to be a Y valve that you can zip tie to keep from 'accidental' overboard discharge per Coast Guard requirements. I know that in 1 of the 10 or so inspections I've had they asked to see the valve and that it was tied off. Here's a thread that might help, but I fully agree in any newer boat you must tie off the Y valve.


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