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Propeller stainless

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check with Ken at propgods https://propgods.com/  or you can try to get his advice on band of boaters https://www.bandofboaters.com/

I'm not sure why you'd want a stainless prop as they offer minimal if any advantage over aluminum below 250HP. I kept my aluminum on my 150 for several reasons: first, a stainless with little if any real speed improvement was going to be $465. Second another owner here reminded me if I struck something with an aluminum prop, the prop gets damaged while with stainless it might damage your drive unit too.  On my big boat, I dinged my stainless prop and the cost to straighten it out, was more than a new aluminum prop would have cost.

My current boat came with a 250HP with stainless prop. Based on the weight of the boat and the HP, stainless is the right prop as prop distortion would occur with aluminum. I'd love to get a Sharrow prop ( https://www.sharrowmarine.com/) , but the 2k cost is kind of hard to explain to my wife.

Ken can also advise you if you're looking for improved hole shot or top end speed with aluminum or stainless.

Good luck

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I caught on this thread because I just purchased a Stainless Turbo 1 prop to replace the stock Aluminum one on my 2020 R180 F150.

The Stock one is a 14.5DX17P. The Stainless replacement is a 14.25DX17P.

I am waiting for a calm day to do a quick run check to see how it performs.

I will update this info after I get the check done.

The Prop Dealer thought that I would see some minor top end RPM drop (about a 100 or so) but at the same time I would see some top end Boat speed increase. 

My top end numbers with the stock prop is 5800 RPM and 46 mph.

He thinks my time to plane will get a little better and some overall lower fuel burn.



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Well, here is an update. Weather in Cocoa area (Indian River) has not been good since I put the new Prop on. Temps have been OK, but the winds have been terrible. This held me off to yesterday when I was able to get out. Not ideal condition but I was tired of waiting.

On light chop into wind I got 5700RPM and 44 MPH. With wind 5700 RPM and 45 MPH. My prior numbers were on glass 0 wind perfect conditions and were the same both directions.

Hole shot I felt was much better. The throttle response was strong and the R180 seemed to come on Plane much quicker.

Overall, If I could get the right conditions, I think my numbers with the new stainless Prop should almost match the removed Aluminum Prop but with a better hole shot.

The top end speed is not as important to me as hole shot and comfortable cruise speed RPM.



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You've got about what Ken at PropGods told me I'd get at a cost of $465, hence I didn't go to Stainless on my 150. I had stainless duoprops on my Albemarle, but it made sense as the boat was over 11K pounds and each engine was over 250HP. However, my repairs for a dinged prop was about $500 and a week downtime.

Glad you got a better hole shot. I've considered a 4 blade prop to achieve better hole shot and lower plane speed, but I"m still working on the Admiral to get a Sharrow prop. Hard to justify the cost, but sure would love the performance and fuel savings.

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