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Found 3 results

  1. patjanin

    Robalo 222 - Yamaha 250 or 150

    Hi folks, I am looking at buying a 2014 Robalo 222, it has a 250 HP 2014 Yamaha with 130 hrs. The purpose of the boat is to do a coastal fishing charter in the South Pacific. I don't have to spend a lot of time to get to the fishing grounds as its mostly coastal fishing. So the big issue is that I want to spend as little as possible on fuel and I will troll for yellowfin, tuna, wahoo, etc. So I am thinking of replacing the engine with a 150 or 175 hp Yammy. Here are my questions: 1) At what RPM does the 250HP run to troll? Is it too powerful to troll at slow RPMS? 2) How much gas will that use? 3) How would that gas consumption compare with a 150 or 175? Will the RPMS needed to troll be pretty close to the 250? Any idea on the amount of gas used for trolling with the different engine. 4) Can anyone weigh in on the performance of running a 222 with the two smaller engines? 5) Could you have a kicker engine on the 222? What would be a good size kicker engin. Thanks Patrick
  2. hotrodgs

    Power Help

    Looking at purchasing a 2015 245. It has a single Yamaha 300. My question is if that is enough power? I only require one engine as I do all my boating in the Chesapeake. I have not been able to find any performance specs with this combination. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Earl_25

    Prop Suggestions

    I am a brand new owner of the 2012 R180 Center Console and had a question about propellers. I'm looking to upgrade from the stock white aluminum prop to stainless steel. I have the 115 Yamaha 4-stroke. Does anyone know the size/pitch of the stock prop, and what is the recommended upgrade size/pitch for this setup. I have the boat fairly loaded every time we take it out whether its family or me and 2 or 3 guys headed offshore for a fishing trip. I tried to use the prop finder on the yamaha website but they don't have the R180 in the system yet. Any help is appreciated.