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Found 3 results

  1. Fishguy

    warranty support

    I am considering purchasing a Cayman 246 here on the west coast. We will be relocating to the east coast (NC) within the next two years. I'm trying to decide whether I should purchase a boat from the local dealer here in CA or purchase from the NC dealer and bring the boat back to CA. If I have a problem with the boat will I be left without any support from a dealer that I did not purchase from? I could purchase from the NC dealer but that may make solving any new-boat issues somewhat difficult. What is Robolos policy on warranty work? Do warranty claims / work need to be handled by the dealer that you purchased from or is any dealer able (required?) to provide warranty support? TIA.
  2. Ant H

    New R22 Cayman Nightmare

    I purchased a Robalo 22 Caymen from Bob Hewes in Miami, FL Last November. Since I had the boat I have had multiple issues including almost sinking. I have already filed one warranty claim and I am in the process of filing another warranty claim now. My first claim had to do with shotty workmanship on the bait wells and seals around the compartments. The hose came off in mid travel and filled the inner compartment with water. I just made it back to my dock before sinking. The warranty covered the repairs but no one would guarantee or tell me what will happen to my boat when the salt water that filled the inner compartment starts to corrode the wires. Now, a few months later I have a blister growing on the side of the boat. This boat is still less than 1 year old. I was sent to a boat repair shop that said they can fix the issue but they made it clear that within 2 years the coloring on the spot will not match the rest of the hull color. The worst part is the mechanics told me that I bought a lemon of a boat and that they have already worked on similar issues with other Caymens. What happened to Robalo? I paid more for a Robalo boat because I thought we were buying a quality name. This is an absolute nightmare--I am now trying to have my dealership exchange the hull. Unfortunately, I don't think Bob Hewes is very responsive. My next stop will be blasting these issues all over Social Media and I plan on going to the Fl. State Attorney.
  3. I have a 2010 R247 with a bunch of gel-coat spider but most importantly a couple of spots where there was nothing behind the gel-coat and now my cracks turned into holes... no fiberglass, resin, Kevlar behind the thin layer of gel-coat. Robalo passed me over to the local area dealer... not the dealer I purchased from... and they state that due to the age of the boat... I'm basically out of luck. I thought that Robalo had a 10-year warranty??? I am the original boat owner and wanted to keep the boat for a long time but am afraid that the other spiders will turn into voids as well. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.