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Found 4 results

  1. Master Chief Paul

    Robalo r222

    I just picked up my new r222. I want to mount a trolling motor. This boat will mostly be used in fresh water with one or two salt water trips a year. Any suggestions on makes and models? What ever it is, it’ll need a long shaft.
  2. strkrace86

    Feedback Needed

    I bought a R180 new last year and plan on adding some additional items to the boat and would like some feedback, either just brainstorming or from experience. First off I would like to add a trolling motor on the bow and would like some thoughts on shaft length, thrust, mounting, and battery placement. The next thing is that I would like to add is a T Top. I have the Yamaha 115 and was wondering if the boat is affected by the T Top as far as performance goes. Also any advice for aftermarket T Tops?
  3. ECFR BC

    R200 2016

    I will take possession of my new 2016 R200 and after getting tabs, GPS and VHF I was wondering about the use of a trolling motor. I have been looking at the Riptide ST 80 or 112 with wither a 60" or 72" shaft. I was wondering if anyone has any information that would be helpful. The sales team looked at me like I was crazy for wanting a trolling motor.
  4. Empty net

    Electric trolling motor

    I noticed that an option on the R207 is wiring for an electric trolling motor. Has anyone installed a electric trolling motor on the R 227? Thanks in advance.