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Found 6 results

  1. Minnus

    Trim tab help

    Hi all, I've been boating for years now but just got my first boat. It's a 2018 R 180. The family and I are loving it but being a small boat there's a lot of movement and the inlet I go through often gets pretty choppy. I'm looking to put electric trim tabs on her and I'd like to do the work myself. First, ladder clearance? The 9"x12"s look like they'll be tight. Robalo used 6"x12"s but they're special order and expensive. Would 9"x12"s work on the 180? Could they get damaged or worse damage some toes climbing the ladder? Or should I just get the small 4"x12"s Second, the transom is deep where the tabs will mount. Do you just get like 24" drill bit to run the wire through? I heard it's poured ceramic would I need a special bit? Lastly, edge mount or standard when trying to get maximum clearance? The rest of the installation seems relatively easy as wiring isn't an issue, so just down to whether or not I get Bennett bolt or lenco. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  2. Anybody install trim tabs on their R160?
  3. I just took delivery of my R222ex this past weekend. I decided to pass on the electronics since they only offered 7" (I wanted the 9" screen). I asked the dealer if they could install an aftermarket unit. The Dealer wanted $1800 to install. (the unit only cost $1100, so they are wanting $700 to install). I figured that I could do this myself. I assumed there would be some chase wire installed, so I could fish the wires. I looked for an hour today and do not see anything. Now I am wondering how I am going to get the transducer wiring to the unit. Anyone have any suggestions on what I am missing? on another note, I discovered a few things that are odd. There is a USB port attached to a 4" wire BEHIND the radio, inside the bathroom. Seems like the manufacture forgot to drill a hole for this. I can't imagine Robalo expect the user to go inside the bathroom to hook up the USB for the radio I did not get trim tabs, but there are two wire connectors inside the bathroom labeled Tabs P and Tabs S. Anyone else have a 222 that is prewired for tabs?
  4. Ok Folks.. thanx for the past advice on trim tabs and it was the Lemco suggestion. I am going to put them on this year over the winter. Does any one know about the Bennett tabs for this boat and the new auto trim they have out? Are their any advantages to using the Bennett tabs vs. Lemco. Also Bennett claims you can mix and match their auto trim with other than Bennett tabs. If it is Bennett what size does anyone have on for this R200. Most appreciated.
  5. I'm looking into the R180 for my first boat. I want a T-top with it wired for a trolling motor. I intend to use it for the bay and Gulf of Mexico for fishing. It will mostly be myself and two middle aged kids. At times maybe 3 - 4 adults. My questions are: Is the 115 engine sufficient or should I get the 150 and why? Are trim tabs actually needed? How important is the duel battery? I truly appreciate any advise .
  6. FullThrottle


    From the album: R207TrimTabs

    Added Trim Tabs
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