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Found 3 results

  1. Any advice would be great. Contacts etc. I have a 1994 Robalo 2440 WA. Things a tank. Have the option to re-power with a Yamaha F350. Has anyone had experience with this motor, or know where I'd be able to find the original transom weight max. I know max horsepower recommended is 400. Can't find weight. Would hate to pass up a good deal (and horsepower) like this. Thank you for any help/advice, Mark
  2. Hi, just purchased a 1998 Robalo 19.2 feet, there was another drainage hole above where you plug the boat before going out on the water, that was recently covered. Whats the best thing to do leave it covered or drill it out and install the brass flapping system? Please help. Not sure why someone would cover it.
  3. Hi, I recently purchased a 1998 Robalo with a 150 Merc 2 stroke. On the back of the transom where the motor is attached it has the hole for the plug with threads and above that there was a previous hole that was covered. Should I remove the hole and attach the flapping system that it originally came with or leave i it as is and add fiber glass on the inside? I am unsure of what the purpose of that hole was for, and why was it covered. Please help.
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