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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all! I'm taking delivery of a new to me 2016 R207 in a couple weeks. Does anyone have any pics or the electronics setup from inside the helm compartment? I'm trying to see what the buss bars and electronics look like from behind the helm. I want to add some navigation lights and I was curious if there is room for accessories beyond what is standard. I saw there were some Aux switches that didn't seem to be marked with anything.
  2. 2013 R200 Yesterday I noticed that the courtesy lights were very dimly on- Although the switch is off. I turned the switch on and they came on with normal brightness. Turned the switch off- and they stayed on but Dim. Also I noticed that my Raw Water pump was turning on and off without me flipping the switch. similar to the courtesy lights, the raw water pump would run almost under low power (Steady Trickle in the live well). When I tun the power on to the Raw water the pump comes on Full blast- turn it off and it will go back to intermittently being on under low power. Both of these switches are on the Port side Panel on the console. Question- How to start Troubleshooting? When it was just the courtesy lights- I thought it was possibly a worn out Switch- but with both the Raw water and Cout lights- it's clearly a more systemic issue. Any Ideas as to where to begin Troubleshooting this issue? What could possibly cause these systems to be on under low power although the switches are off? Thank you in Advance!!
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