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Found 3 results

  1. Ronsaso

    R200 Storage ideas

    Hello Robalo nation, just wondering if anyone has any ideas for extra storage on a R200? Any crafty ideas, add on's, custom work...pictures..advise.
  2. Happy New Year Everyone! Santa Brought a new pair of Binoculars to use on my boat (2013 R200 with T-top). Binoculars are fairly Large- They are from West Marine (Coastal 200 7x50). Curious to hear if anyone has found a secure, out of the way- but accessible spot to store their Binoculars? I am looking at some of the Simple Binocular holders that I could mount or put on the helm in front of the windscreen. I would like to hear what others have done to keep their binoculars out the way, secure from falling but still accessible when you want to grab them quickly? If it helps I'll be using the binoculars mostly for spotting fish and Birds on fish. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts advice and experience!
  3. GrouperTrooper

    R265 Cover

    Sorry if this is been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything. Has anyone had any luck finding manufactured or OEM covers for the R265 walk around? I have a 2006 R265 and to this point I haven’t found any covers that would fit it other than custom cover makers. I’m not looking for anything fancy, or snaps to be installed all around the boat, just looking for something that will last, can be pulled taught or tight, and will keep sun and elements off the top cap and above the waterline, for less than $1,000.