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Found 2 results

  1. Fichtner

    cayman 246 rod storage tubes

    I bought a new 2018 cayman 246. I went to put my rods in the storage tubes and they only go in about 24" before hitting a fiberglass wall. I can get two rods in if I am very careful because there is a tiny hole cut out to accommodate two of them but my rod eyelets hit the sides of that wall every time. It's not even worth destroying my rods attempting to store them in the compartment at all. I'm actually embarrassed at this design. Maybe they just forgot to install real tubes in my boat. Does anyone else have this issue or am I the only one on the planet with a fishing boat that cannot store fishing rods in the lockable fishing storage compartment? I wish I had actually inspected this better before buying it but I never would have thought in a million years I'd only be able to lock ice fishing rods in my boat. Waiting for a response from my dealer hopefully with a solution so I don't have to fix this myself.
  2. Hi - new to the Robalo family... just purchased a 2016 Cayman 246 - one question I can't seem to get an answer from the dealer is - What is the biggest size Fishing Rod the Lockable storage rod locker will hold? I have some 7'6" inshore rods I would like to store and want to make sure it works for those. Appreciate any insight - Very excited to take delivery of my 246!