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Found 7 results

  1. I have a 2016 Rabalo r305. Got it about 6 months ago, love it. I don’t have water pressure in the cabin, or aft sink when using the onboard water tank. It sputters and maybe drips a couple of drops. When plugged into “shore” water via a hose it works. Any ideas? Busted tank or line? stuck valve allowing the water hose line to work? Not even sure where the tank is located or how this system works. thanks Bobby Thomas Jacksonville, Fl
  2. breel22


    Anybody running an R305 with Yamaha 350s that can give me there honest opinion, I would greatly appreciate it? Performance, flywheel issue?, any other issues positive or negative??
  3. Hello, I am considering buying a 2009 robalo R305 powered by twin 300 verado. I would like to add a third smaller engine for trolling. What horsepower of the third engine would you suggest to troll up to 4 knots? And what horsepower to troll up to 7 knots? Thank you Alberto
  4. steve patten


    I have an '08 R305 with twin 350's. I have 3 batteries and can't identify which one's are which. Can anyone help?
  5. How can one check the actual amount of Gas with the commander link plus...The way that I now is by every time i fill gas i have to reset the amount. However, if you forgot to reset how do you check the real amount??
  6. http://www.boattest.com/boats/boat_video.aspx?ID=2790
  7. http://www.boattest.com/boats/boat_video.aspx?ID=2790
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